Annual Car show!

Remember to preregister for the annual show!

Last year's Show was a huge success!

We are looking for sponsors for our annual show!

Joining National AACA is required first before joining our local club.

We are an AACA local regional club located in Central NY! The Oneida Lake Region AACA has an annual show the first Sunday in June. Please see our flyer for details and hope to see you there!

The AACA was founded in 1935. It is the world’s largest automotive historical society with over 60,000 members and 400 regional clubs worldwide. The AACA is dedicated to perpetuating the memories of early automobiles by encouraging their history, collection and use. The Oneida Lake Region (OLR) AACA is one of the 400 regional AACA clubs.
The Oneida Lake Region can trace its origins all the way back to the Great NY State Fair in 1950. The Automobile Club of Syracuse, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary in 1950, had contacted OLR AACA member Fred Spink requesting assistance for a display at the yearly fair. On Sept 7th, 1950, clubs members Fred Spink and Charles Denman, several car dealers, and other early car enthusiasts were able to assemble 21 early motorcars at the NYS Fair Farm Machinery building for fairgoers to enjoy!